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By SuperBox Store | 19 February 2022 | 0 Comments

SuperBox S3 Pro - A TV Box Make Your Stand Out

The new SuperBox S3 Pro has the same sleek design as S2 Pro. The box is rectangular in shape and features dual external antennas at the back and a LED clock on the front. The remote is a slightly curved design with Bluetooth and infrared capabilities. It also features a voice-activated button for voice control. Those who don’t know the difference between the S2 Pro and the S3 Pro might want to read on for a closer look.

SuperBox S3 Pro - A TV Box Make Your Stand Out

Another upgrade from the previous model is the increased storage capacity. The new SuperBox S3 Pro Smart Media Player supports up to 32GB of storage. The S3 Pro has the same quality as its predecessor but doubles the storage to 32GB. It supports HDR, HDCP, and HEVC. The redesigned interface features a Real-Time Weather icon and hotkeys to control apps. The SuperBox S3 Pro is also compatible with HDR TVs and is equipped with gigabyte LAN port connectivity and dual-band WiFi.

The S3 Pro includes voice control, so you can use the remote to speak to search for TV channels and movies, which are also available on the Google TV platform. The S3 Pro also includes access to local cable channels, as well as several high-ranking ones. The new model offers live sports and news, including NBA and NHL. HDR and 4K Ultra HD resolutions are supported. The S3 Pro also supports 4K and 6K Ultra HD resolutions.

SuperBox S3 Pro - A TV Box Make Your Stand Out

The SuperBox S3 Pro includes over 1,000 HD live premium channels, including movies, TV shows, and pay-per-view events. It has a 24/7 service, and its reliability is 99.99% guaranteed. The service is available in most countries. It also comes with voice control, which is not present in other SuperBox products. You can speak movie titles to Siri or Alexa. The voice control features work best in the BlueVOD section of the player.

When setting up the SuperBox S3 Pro, be sure to check the HDMI and WiFi connections first. This way, you’ll know what’s connected to which device. If you’re using the SuperBox S3 Pro in a dorm room, you’ll be able to watch TV anywhere with an Internet connection and a TV. The box itself is incredibly slim and flat, but there’s a small, rectangular USB port on the back. Despite its slimness, the Superbox S3 Pro is far from being ultra-portable.

For those who don’t want to subscribe to an expensive satellite or cable TV service, the SuperBox S3 Pro might be a perfect choice. The device features advanced voice control, dual-band WiFi, and 32GB of storage, making it a viable alternative to satellite or cable TV. Besides streaming TV, the SuperBox S3 Pro also has built-in web browsing. And thanks to its Android 9.0 OS, you can even watch premium live streaming channels without a subscription.

If you’re not a tech-savvy person, you can still get the SuperBox S3 Pro online. Its latest model will be available in the market by the end of October 2021. For now, it’s still on sale at Amazon and Walmart. Check Low to see where the device is currently available and its price. You can also join partnership opportunities with SuperBox Wholesale. And if you’re interested in getting the device, be sure to apply the SuperBox discount coupon code to save $30!