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Top 5 Features of SuperBox S3 Pro IPTV Box

As with its predecessor, the SuperBox S3 Pro shares the same sleek and rectangular design. The back of the box features dual external antennas. Its front features an LED clock. The remote is also similar to its predecessors. It features a curved design on the back and is both Bluetooth and infrared compatible. One notable feature of the remote is the presence of a voice button. This means that you can control your SuperBox S3 Pro with your voice.

Top 5 Features of the SuperBox S3 Pro IPTV Box

Top 5 Features of SuperBox S3 Pro IPTV Box

1. Another new addition to the SuperBox S3 Pro is the revamped interface. It has a neat interface with shortcuts for the apps you use the most. The home screen features your most-used apps, including browsers, apps, and a weather icon. Another neat feature is the “FN” icon, which lets you set hotkeys to easily access the app you want. The UI on the SuperBox S3 Pro is also aesthetically pleasing.

2. Streaming media can be enjoyed in any room with the SuperBox S3 Pro. With its built-in browser, 32GB of internal storage, and ethernet connection, the S3 Pro is the best IPTV box available. It also features two external antennas for dual-band WiFi. You can stream movies and TV shows from any other source by connecting to your home network. There is also a voice remote included with the SuperBox S3 Pro to give you hands-free navigation.

3. The SuperBox S3 PRO supports HD Live and premium channels, as well as over 10,000 movies and TV shows. The box includes voice control and the ability to connect to existing Wi-Fi networks. It’s important to choose a stable network with optimal speed. The network must also be secure. If it’s not, you should consider using a different SuperBox. That way, you can enjoy all of the channels on SuperBox S3 Pro.

4. Besides the voice assistant, the SuperBox S3 Pro features a premium remote control. The remote also supports Bluetooth and infrared. Voice control is even more convenient because you can use your voice to control your SuperBox. Simply press the voice button and speak commands and the SuperBox S3 Pro will respond to your voice. It’s a very convenient feature for the elderly or those with limited mobility. When compared to traditional remote controls, the SuperBox S3 Pro’s voice control feature is much more intuitive than most remote controls.

5. The SuperBox S3 PRO is a high-end Android TV box. It uses an advanced voice control system to answer your queries and navigate through channels. It also includes 32GB storage. In terms of performance, the SuperBox S3 Pro features a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with Android 9.0 OS. It features a new flat rectangular design and a brand-new interface. It also supports 2T2R WiFi technology to make it 60% faster.

Top 5 Features of SuperBox S3 Pro IPTV Box

The SuperBox S3 Pro features an HDMI port for connecting to your television. Once connected to the television, the SuperBox S3 Pro turns on immediately. To operate the remote, you will need to put AAA batteries in it. The remote will have a “source” or “input” button that you can press on the SuperBox S3 Pro. The remote will have a different name depending on the brand of your TV.