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By SuperBox | 18 May 2022 | 0 Comments

Who Will Win The 2022 NBA Championship?

The NBA playoffs have reached the division finals, and there are only four teams competing for the championship this year. Judging from the current outside predictions, the Celtics are undoubtedly the biggest favorite to win the championship, followed by the Warriors and the Heat. Although the Mavericks upset the Suns, who were first in the regular season, they are still the fewest who are optimistic about them winning the championship.

Who Will Win The 2022 NBA Championship?

The biggest advantage of the Celtics this year is defense. From the backline to the forward line to the inside line, they are very capable of confrontation, which gives them the capital to switch defenses infinitely. Smart, Brown, and Tatum have no problem switching to the inside line. Horford, Williams can also keep up with the perimeter when switching defenses. In the face of such a defense, the opponent needs to have enough 1-on-1 ability, because tactical coordination is difficult to play, and the Bucks lose is like this.

Because of the lack of Middleton, a point with independent offensive ability, the Bucks have fewer players to solve problems in singles. Antetokounmpo's shooting is weak, and he can only forcefully hit the basket again and again, but the Celtics always insist on a single defense. , Just don’t let Antetokounmpo create open opportunities for others, and Holiday is taken care of by the best defensive player Smart, so the entire Bucks’ offense is limited.

The Celtics' cutting-edge defense makes it difficult for opponents to adapt, but in turn, they are very comfortable, because their offense originally had a lot of individual singles, and because they have never been able to find a good point guard, Smart, Ta Toum has always been a cameo ball-handler, but when it comes to attacking, they don’t expect the pass to cooperate. Tatum and Brown have a strong one-on-one ability, and others also have a certain one-on-one ability.

Therefore, in the Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics and the Heat will inevitably fall into this continuous 1-on-1 situation. In contrast, the Heat lineup is at a disadvantage. Except for Butler, the rest of the players have the very limited offensive singles ability. It is a weakness, but it can't be beaten, so in this group of duels, the outside world is generally optimistic about the Celtics.

On the Westside, the Warriors are also generally favored because they have more offensive firepower. The Suns were eliminated by the Lone Ranger because Paul and Booker had limited personal offensive capabilities, but the Warriors currently have three stars, Curry, Poole, Thompson, and the point-controlling master Wiggins. The Lone Ranger wants to limit the Warriors through a small lineup The offense looks difficult.

Among the voices predicting that the Warriors will advance to the finals, Yang Yi, a well-known domestic basketball media person, has a different view. He believes that the Lone Ranger will defeat the Warriors and enter the finals. His reason is that the Warriors' defense has loopholes, Green's competitive state has declined significantly, and Curry and Poole on the outside are relatively weak against each other. Facing the singles of Doncic, Bronson, and Dinwiddie, the Warriors will fall into a passive position.

Whether the Lone Ranger can be black to the end still needs to be tested in actual combat, and for the Warrior's core Curry, this season is also the most important championship opportunity in his career. Curry's current accumulation of honors has been very rich, and his historical status is close to the top ten, but he lacks only one FMVP. For a superstar of his level, it is a pity. If this regret can be made up for this season, Curry's career will undoubtedly be will be more complete.

Who Will Win The 2022 NBA Championship?

Which team do you support? Which team is predicted to win the NBA 2022 championship? Let's wait and see.

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