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By SuperBox Online | 22 October 2021 | 0 Comments

Why is SuperBox not working?

Common problems in the use of SuperBox TV boxes:

Q: It freezes during a live broadcast
A: Please check whether the network connection is normal, and make sure there is a high-speed WIFI network.

Q: The remote control cannot be used
A: Replace the remote control battery. Reconnect the Bluetooth remote to your SuperBox TV box.

Q: Missing TV shows, such as Sports and movies, adult channels.etc
A: Retry a factory reset, most due to the New encryption. Or give feedback to the SuperBox customer staff and wait for a system upgrade.

Q: Unable to turn on
A: Firstly forward the issue to your seller. If you happen to have a TF Card and a Card Reader, then you can try burning IMG Files to resetting the SuperBox S2 Pro. Follow the tutorial to reset your SuperBox S2 Pro.


Lastly, most of the problems can be solved manually. If you can't solve it, you can provide the Mac address of the SuperBox, connect to your seller, and solve it through the manufacturer's remote inspection.