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Dear SuperBox lovers, list are all SuperBox Streaming TV Box Issues and Solutions.
Which contains the most frequently asked questions about SuperBox S3 Pro, SuperBox S2 Pro, SuperBox S1 Pro, and other SuperBox models.

1. What is SuperBox?

SuperBox is an English-based Android TV box with a lifetime IPTV service for home streaming entertainment.
Just connect to your TV and internet and you can enjoy 1000+ US&CAD HD TV channels, sports channels, and 20,000+ latest movies for free.

What is SuperBox?

2. Are you an official seller from SuperBox? How do I know which stores are legal dealers?

(1). Yes, iSuperBoxPro is the official online e-commerce store of SupeBox Tech. All SupeBox TV boxes are authorized for sale by SuperBox Technology, with a strict quality appraisal. Products purchased from this site will provide professional customer service for you. It is our aim to let customers buy easily and use happily!

(2) . Purchase from fake sellers will get nothing or counterfeits but lose your money, and no warranty is guaranteed. Purchase from unauthorized dealers or irregular merchants will put your product at risk of deactivation. We highly recommend buying from sellers with authorized certifications. Check the seller’s authentication here. We also recommend reporting fake sellers, unauthorized sellers, irregularities merchants to us.

(3). We recommend that you purchase with a store that has a power of attorney. Ask the dealer for the authorization number and then go to "Authorize Search" to check, the website is: https://mysuperboxtv.com/blacklist/

Are you an official seller from SuperBox? How do I know which stores are legal dealers?

3. Is SuperBox legal?

SuperBox is a legal android device. We provide hardware. It is up to customer's choices to install Apps.

4. Is IPTV legal?

Watching movies, TV shows, and sports events won't violate U.S.& Canada Copyright laws. You won't encounter a law issue unless uploading, downloading, or broadcast content to a large group.

5. What is a fully-loaded IPTV box?

A fully-loaded IPTV box is an Android Set-top TV box with pre-installed apps that can access TV channels and movies, TV shows directly.
SuperBox is the best fully-loaded IPTV box on the market, pre-installed the Blue TV, Blue VOD, Playback apps, you can watch over 1,100+ TV channels, 11,000+ movies, 2000+ TV series, and adult videos for free. It’s ultra-easy to use and totally cuts your cord forever!

About Products:

6. What is the difference between SuperBox S3 Pro and SuperBox S2 Pro, SuperBox S1 Pro?

SuperBox S3 Pro is the latest and strongest model. Which has voice control ad larger storage.
No matter what generation of SuperBox it is, every SuperBox can satisfy your desire to watch full live TV channels in USA & CAD. And also 20000+ movie shows. You can use our SuperBox to watch live TV in the USA, Canada, Europe, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia, UK, France, Germany, etc. Anywhere in the world, as long as there is Wifi, you can enjoy it.

What is the difference between SuperBox S3 Pro and SuperBox S2 Pro, SuperBox S1 Pro?

7. What’s the difference between SuperBox S2 Pro and S1 Pro?

SuperBox S2 Pro is the next generation of S1 Pro, there are many new features that have been added to this new streaming box.

8. What’s the difference between SuperBox S1 Plus and S1 Pro?

SuperBox S1 Plus is the limited anniversary edition of the SuperBox brand. In comparison with the most popular S1 Pro, it has doubled the RAM to 4GB and storage to 32GB, S1 Plus also offers 2 years warranty period and S1 Pro offers 1 year. In that case, the price of S1 Plus is higher than S1 Pro.

About Instructions for Use:

9. What channels do you have on your SuperBox TV box? How many channels does Superbox S2 Pro have? How many channels does Superbox S3 Pro have?

✔. SuperBox is by far the most user-friendly IPTV box, with the dedicated Blue TV app, you’re free to watch over 1,100+ channels including ESPN, CBS, BBC, FOX, ABC, BEIN, 24/7, and Canada, Latin, ES, PH channels.
✔. Live broadcasts, sports, movies, dramas, all kinds of programs are all-inclusive!
✔. All channels are under maintenance every day.
✔. Superbox TV has more than 1300 channels. It has 871 US channels, including:
* 244 Network TV channels, 302 Regional Locals channels, 144 Sports channels, 117 24/7 channels, 116 Pay Per View channels, and 27 Music channels.
* 150 Professional Sports channels with 15 NBA channels, 16 MLB channels, 17 NFL channels, 15 NHL channels, 86 NCAAF channels, 16 NCAAB channels, and 15 SuperSport channels.
* 138 Canadian channels, 105 Latino channels, 20 Philippine channels.
* The 7 Days Playback feature is available on CNN, CNBC, FOX News Channel, PPV, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAAF. They are stored in the cloud. You don't have to download or record. Just simply connect to your internet.

Reading the full SuperBox channel list that we provide.

10. What VOD(Video on demand) does SuperBox offer?

SuperBox is a fully-loaded IPTV box, with the support of the dedicated Blue VOD app, you’re free to watch over 11,000 movies, 1400+ TV series, and 7,000+ adult videos (Parental code needed). All content is under maintenance and updated every day.

11. Is a VPN required?

VPN services or IP unblocking services are not required to operate SuperBox.

12. How to set up a SuperBox S3 Pro box?

We’ve created many tutorials about how to set up and tutorials on SuperBox. Actually, the installation is very easy.
To set up your SuperBox, please check our help page: https://www.isuperboxpro.com/how-to-use-superbox-a0081.html

13. Can I use the IPTV service without the SuperBox S3 Pro box?

No, because the SuperBox has unique hardware that makes the service runs smoothly and free of charge.

14. Does it require connecting WiFi?

To ensure HD streaming smoothly, we recommend that the TV box stays close to the WiFi router, with at least 25 -100 Mbps internet speed.

15. How many TVs can access the same box at the same time?

One TV accesses One box. Currently, the Multi-screen feature is unavailable. However, our developers are doing their best to see if we can get a suitable partner for this feature to use our services.

16. Do you need a smart TV?

You don't need a smart tv. All you need is a TV with AV or HDMI input and an internet connection. So you could enjoy our TV box connected even with an old television.

17. What is the range distance from the box for optimum viewing on a TV?

The box requires HDMI ( include in the package) to connect with the TV. The closer, the better.

18. Do we offer trading up or upgrading from S2 to the S3?

We currently don't offer any trading up or upgrade. Because the main difference between S3 and S2 is the voice control.

19. What are the internet speed requirements?

Our minimum recommended internet speed requirement for operation is 8mbps, however, as an internet streaming device the faster your speed the more enjoyable your experience.

20. What countries does Superbox work in?

Superbox works almost anywhere in the world if you have a high-speed internet connection. You can bring it for traveling use.

About Pre-sale Service:

21. How to buy SuperBox? Where to buy SuperBox?

* We are the official SupeBox TV box online Store. Please buy on our SuperBox website directly.
* We offer factory prices for all SuperBox. Please rest assured to buy.
* iSuperBox You will get your parcel in just only a few days. Efficiency is as fast as Amazon.
* There have many other sellers on other B2C-Platform, such as eBay, Shopify, Shopee, Wish, Lazada, Aliexpress, Facebook Store, etc. However, Many are not officially authorized, the TV box is not guaranteed, may not be used after a period of time, and there is no warranty, and can't be upgraded. So please be sure to go to the official SuperBox store to buy genuine.

22. What are the payment options?

We accept Credit cards, Western Union, WeChat, AliPay, and TT transfers.

23. Do you have Minimum Order Quantity? Can I get a discount Coupon Code for the SuperBox?

* Our MOQ is 1 pcs. You can buy directly from our website.
* Yes, you could enjoy the discount when you order in bulk. Please take the 10%
discount code:
ISBP2022, once you buy more than one piece.
* Join us, to be our SuperBox agent, buy wholesale SupreBox tv boxes at a low factory price. We'll give you a super large discount, let's work together and earn more money for you.

Please click "
Can I get a discount Coupon Code for the SuperBox? How to use coupon code?" to know more.

Do you have Minimum Order Quantity? Can I get a discount Coupon Code for the SuperBox?

24. How long do I have to wait to get the Box after Payment?

Our shipping usually costs 3-5 days to get to your worldwide address.

25. What are the delivery options?

We can ship the ordered SuperBox by air. (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT).
We'll ship by DHL or UPS or FedEx. We will choose the fastest expressway to your city, please rest assured.

About After-Sale Service

26. How is the customer service?

SuperBOX is dedicated to providing ongoing, after-sales support and technical support for 24/7.
You can contact us by clicking Contact Us.

27. What is our warranty policy?

SuperBox warranty period lasts one year. If there are any problems with your SuperBox android tv box, please contact our customer service. First, to save your time, our technical support will do its best to help you to solve the problem. In the worse case, if your hardware gets into trouble and you won't fix it, you can send the product to us, and we will repair it for free within one year. If your warranty period gets expired, you can still send the device to us for repair at a separate cost. You're still able to enjoy the service once the device is recovered. During the time of repair, we'll offer an account to maintain your service.
You could read more from our REFUND & RETURN page

28. Do you have a return policy?

Yes, if your device is defective and you are within the warranty period, we will either repair or replace your unit free of charge.

About News Guide:

Go to SuperBox News Center. Find helpful articles, tips and tricks, and guides for SuperBox TV boxes.

About News Guide:

29. Why buy a SuperBox S3 Pro Smart TV box?

30. How to search TV channels on Blue TV with a SuperBox TV box?

31. How to use Smart Remote Voice Controller for SuperBox S3 Pro?

32. How to change decode settings, EPG style, Feedback issues in Blue TV with SuperBox TV box?

33. How to Add/Remove TV Channel to the Favorite list in Blue TV?

34. How to Add/Remove VOD to the Favorite list in Blue VOD?

35. How to control your smart tv box SuperBox S2 Pro easily?

36. How to use Smart Remote Voice Controller for SuperBox S3 Pro?

How to use Smart Remote Voice Controller for SuperBox S3 Pro

37. How to download the SuperBox manual?

Visit the SuperBox download center to download the SuperBox manual.

38. How to Download and Install Blue TV, Blue VOD, Playback Apps for SuperBox stream TV box?

How to Download and Install Blue TV, Blue VOD, Playback Apps for SuperBox stream TV box

39. How to deal with SuperBox buffering issues and troubleshooting?

Contact our SuperBox aftersale service to solve: sales@isuperboxpro.com

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