How to use SuperBox?

How to use SuperBox?

Installing instructions for SuperBox is very simple, we offer you SuperBox setup, tips, use methods, and skills.
You can read the following steps or watch SuperBox Youtube Video to set it up.

How to set up Superbox S3 Pro?

Step 1:
The first step is to turn off the TV before connecting to the Android box.

Step 2:
Find the HDMI port provided on the Superbox S3 Pro and connect it to the provided HDMI cable. Usually, this port is on the back of the Android TV box.

Step 3:
Connect your TV from the HDMI cable through the given open port. Usually, TVs have HDMI ports on the back or sides.

Step 4:
Now you have to connect the power cable of the Superbox S3 Pro and it will turn on immediately.

Step 5:
Now put AAA batteries inside the Superbox S3 Pro's remote. and turn on your TV.

Step 6:
Find the SOURCE or INPUT button provided on the remote. The location of the buttons will vary by TV brand.

Step 7
Now you must select the input for your Superbox S3 Pro Android TV. You have to explore different inputs until you find the welcome screen. Or you can look at the HDMI port's label and find the input directly.

Step 8
If your TV screen shows pairing options instead of the welcome screen, you must manually pair the remote. To do this, you must press and hold the Home and Back buttons on the remote for at least 5 seconds. You will see a blinking light indicating that your remote is paired with the TV. Then press the OK button until the blinking stops. However, in some cases, pairing fails for some reason, such as: When the remote is more than 10 inches from the Android box. When the remote control fails or the battery is faulty.

Language Selection
Usually, the Superbox S3 Pro provides an automatic setup process for first-time users, but if it is not available, it must be done manually. To do this, go to settings and select your preferred language.

Connect your device to a wireless network
Make sure your Superbox S3 Pro device is within range of your wireless network.

Go to settings using the remote and click on network options. Find the Wi-Fi option in the list and connect to your wireless network. Make sure to insert the correct pass to enter the word using the on-screen keyboard.

Waiting for Update
If your device needs a new update, your Superbox S3 Pro will automatically download and install it. Wait a few minutes for the update to complete. Once done, your S3 Pro will reboot itself. You can also set it up to automatically check for available updates. Select the About option and check if any system updates are available.

Sign in with your Google Account
To complete the process of setting up your TV box, you will need to log in with your valid Google Account. Click the Use your password option and fill in the account details via the on-screen keyboard.

Next, you have to choose the option to use your phone or laptop. After that, use a laptop or phone connected to the same network to access the web browser. Then go to the official website of your Superbox Android TV and provide the generated pin on your TV screen.

Download and Install Blue TV, Blue VOD, Playback Apps for SuperBox stream TV box
1. Click "Apps" or "App Store" on the home page.
2. Select "Blue TV", "Blue VOD", "Playback" Apps, press the "OK" button to install these Apps. You could watch free TV channels, sports channels by SuperBox "Blue TV" App, watch free movies, TV series by SuperBox "Blue VOD" App.
3. Go back to the Home screen, add them to each section. Then you could use these Apps quickly.
4. No you can watch over 1,100+ TV channels, 11,000+ movies, 2000+ TV series, and adult videos with the SuperBox for free. It’s ultra-easy to use and totally cuts your cord forever!
Click here to know detailed steps: "How to Download and Install Blue TV, Blue VOD, Playback Apps for SuperBox stream TV box?"

Now your Superbox S3 Pro TV box is ready to work. Use the remote to navigate the main menu to find everything available on the TV screen. Also, there are settings options at the bottom of the screen if you want to make any further changes.

How to set up Superbox S2 Pro?

How to set up Superbox S2 Pro?How to set up Superbox S2 Pro?How to set up Superbox S2 Pro?

How to Use Superbox?

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